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The process is simple, and the end results will transform your public space with beautiful original art.​


Step 1: Application

Interested recipients are invited to submit an Application to Receive Art. Once your agency is deemed eligible, we will call you to set up an initial site visit of your public space.

Step 2: Site Visit

At the site visit, we meet with agency staff to review our program and the responsibilities associated with an art placement. A tour of the facility will take place to determine if the organization has the appropriate space for permanent installation.

Step 3: Selection Visit

This process is facilitated by our staff and provides the opportunity for recipient agencies to select the work they wish to own and permanently display. Agencies must assemble a selection committee of at least six to ten people (staff, board members, clients, volunteers) who will collectively make decisions on which pieces are best for their site. We strongly encourage participation from clients and staff at all levels (program, facilities, clinicians, administrative, executive, etc.). 

AC-RI will present artwork at our conference room at 36 Park Place, Pawtucket, RI to the selection committee. We will display approximately 30-50 images of artwork that represents the work of a variety of artists and that typically includes paintings, prints, drawings, photography, and mixed media. A selection visit takes one to two hours. 

Artwork placed through AC-RI may only hang in spaces regularly accessed by agency clients. No staff-only areas, restrooms, or kitchens are permitted.

Step 4: Art Pick-up and Inventory Visit

After artwork has been selected, AC-RI prepares a deed and placement letter outlining requirements for the recipient organization. The recipient organization is required to sign the deed and receive the placement letter upon pick-up of the work. The agency has 30 days to acquire all artwork and an additional six months to frame any work, securely install art and provided plaques. Your agency and our staff will coordinate a time for you to pick your selected artwork up from our office. You are responsible for the safe transportation and delivery of artwork to your facility.

Agencies are required to submit a three month report and schedule an inventory visit with AC-RI so we may see the collection after the installation has been completed.

Step 5: Hosting a Reception

There are many ways to thank the artists and collectors who have generously donated their original artworks to your agency. Hosting an on-site reception after the artwork has been displayed is a great way to show gratitude to our donors. Inviting the artists, community leaders, friends and family to view your new art lends power to inspire, challenge, heal, communicate, and transform. Bringing people together educates others about your mission and at the same time, artists will gain an opportunity to increase their community reach.



Agency Eligibility

  • 501(c)(3) organization or public equivalent

  • Provide direct services to clients onsite

  • Have a location with secure areas for art that are used regularly by clients

  • Do not have access to funds that could otherwise be used for the purchase of art

  • Can provide a rationale for owning and displaying artwork

  • Complete our application


First-Time applicants

If you meet the criteria above, please complete our application. We recommend keeping copies your completed Application and Deed/Donee Agreement for your records.


Application to Receive Art
This application will ask you to provide information regarding your mission, clients, annual budget, as well as provide a rationale for receiving artwork, and include your Proof of Charitable status (if applicable).

Donee Agreement
Our Donee Agreement references our Deed of Gift and Agreement. Please take time to review the Deed, in which our art recipients are expected to adhere.


Application to Receive Additional Art

Agencies may apply once a year for additional placements. Please resubmit an Application to Receive Art, noting within the form that this is not a first-time selection for our records purposes.


Meeting Street School

“The students are already dying to name the dog in the Irish Setter painting. The art is a welcome addition to the building and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you.”

– Sara Masri, Assistant Director of Development


East Bay Community Action Program Health Center, Newport

“I wish you could have seen the smiles on everyone’s faces when we hung the art up. Thank you so much for the opportunity to display such great work.”

– Melissa Lauer, Staff, EBCAP Health Center


Rhode Island Free Clinic

"We are grateful to Art Connection – RI and artist Sophie Breton for the privilege of showing “Bridge to Georgetown” at Rhode Island Free Clinic. It’s a lovely image that perfectly represents the bridge to good health that all patients have, thanks to generous volunteers and donors at the Clinic".

– Marvin Ronning, Director of Finance & Grants


Blackstone Valley Community Health Care

"We had the opportunity to review dozens of pieces, picking and choosing which would suit our facility the best. The experience was flawless; we truly appreciate everything your organization did for us.”

– Ray Lavoi, Executive Director, Blackstone Valley Community Health Care

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