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Art Connection RI Volunteer Program

Do you have an interest in establishing a career in the nonprofit or social services sector?
In branding, direct marketing or public relations?
Do you have an interest in serving vulnerable populations to help them achieve sustainable improvements in their quality of life?
Do you believe in the healing power of art?
If you answered “Yes” then we want to meet you! 

Like you, we believe that all people should get to experience the power of art. Every day our generous supporters strengthen, uplift and improve the lives of people in our communities. They are right there beside us, extending their compassion to those who need it most.


In our state alone, we have hundreds of non-profit agencies with missions to protect at-risk children, end homelessness, provide quality medical treatment, eradicate hunger, ensure fair treatment of people with mental and/or physical challenges, care for our veterans, and many, many more.  These service agencies have limited budgets and often times there are no funds to brighten the physical spaces that shelter our under-served populations. But thanks to people like you, this is changing. 

In the Community:

In the Office:

Outreach to nonprofits & artists, Project and Art placement evaluation, Board & Advisory member recruitment

Technology, Social media projects, Art presentations, 

Promotion projects, Event planningGrant & Funding research

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