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Since 2011 we have been connecting art donors and community service agencies to enrich lives through art! 

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Org. Donation Portal:

Donate your artwork and connect with a cause!



  • Show work to audiences who normally do not have access to art

  • Move work out of storage and have it viewed by many

  • Support a recipient agency’s mission

  • Increase their visibility and reputation

  • Provide a solution to issues relating to estate planning

  • Donate through a reliable program that makes the process simple


ACRI’s success in launching an art donation and placement program with limited resources was dependent upon building trust, credibility and visibility, within the artists’ community. Our mission and vision to connect lives with art couldn't happen without the generous support of our artists and collectors.

Artists and donators should submit the application along with JPG images of the artwork they are offering for selection. Additional images may be emailed to office.artconnectionri@gmail.comOnce your application and images are received, they will be reviewed by the Art Committee and you will be contacted to schedule pick-up.


“My house was full of paintings. My kids already have quite a lot of my art. And, I’m 83. What happens to my paintings when I’m gone? How much nicer to give them where people can get pleasure from them. It's a way to make lives brighter with color and shape and form. All I’ve ever wanted to do was to paint. Placing them has always been someone else’s job. Art Connection–RI was a perfect fit for me. They store the paintings, find them new homes, write up the agreements and take care of everything for me. How wonderful to have my paintings bring a bit more culture and happiness to others. I’m just so thankful.”

Ruth Brandt

Donating Artist

Ruth Brandt

Brandt's work hanging in Miriam Hospital.

"When I discovered that my paintings were chosen to be placed on the walls open to public view at community service agencies, I was delighted to be able to share my work with a wider audience than in a private home. I am also very pleased that these agencies reflect my own values and that I can contribute in a small way to their success."

Irene Allen

Donating Artist

“It is always a pleasure hearing from Art Connection regarding the placement of my work in the various nonprofit agencies, some of which I am very familiar.  I'm thrilled to know that they are being appreciated and enjoyed by other people. Thanks…for getting my work out to good causes, enabling me to share my work to a larger audience, and for your work on behalf of these agencies."

Richard Harrington

Donating Artist

“I'm so pleased that the art has found a good home!”

Carol Scott

Art Collector/Donating Artist

"I've been very happy with how my donated art has been treated.  Through the Art Connection, my work has found good homes. AC-RI has carefully worked with the recipient agencies to place my work. My art is often exhibited in waiting rooms where people in crisis wait for help. I believe my art can be healing and uplifting and help people feel better.  As an art donor, I've often met the clients that these agencies serve. I've been very touched by their thanks and appreciation of my work. Often they see things in my work that I could never imagine. It's an enriching process for me. I feel that it is important to share my work. As an artist, I have much unsold artwork, and not being able to share it is painful and frustrating. The art world is very competitive. I have not yet been able to get my work into a commercial gallery or find an agent. Yet I do strongly believe in the value of my creative work. Like many of my artist friends, I have serious storage problems. I stay awake at night wondering how to safely store all of my work and where it will go. I still have the problem of surviving into hopefully a long productive old age, and I dream of surviving on the sale of my work. By donating some of my work through AC-RI I know it will have a good home. I am not famous nor a household word, but through AC-RI, my work is out there in the community doing its thing and sharing the joy of colors."


Maria Termini

Donating Artist

"When I discovered that my paintings were chosen to be placed on the walls open to public view at community service agencies, I was delighted to be able to share my work with a wider audience than in a private home. I am also very pleased that these agencies reflect my own values and that I can contribute in a small way to their success."

Irene Allen

Donating Artist

“Working with Art Connection-RI is proving to be very helpful to me. I have donated 13 paintings so far, and 9 of them have been chosen, very quickly I might add, for nonprofit organizations who I believe will appreciate the visual pleasures they offer. I get great satisfaction that there are people who like my work. Also, this helps clear up storage space for the paintings I am and will be working on.”


Janet Alling

Donating Artist

“On April 19, 2016, the last piece of Ray's Art was selected by the staff and children at the West End Community Center in Providence. It's been wonderful for me to find homes for Ray's art through Art Connection’s placement program. Thank you so much. He would've loved it!”


Diane Gay

Art collector and wife of late donating artist, Ray Caram

“It means a lot to have art out in the public… It has been fun. Why keep a piece in storage? I paint a lot and this gets the art out to be seen.  It’s so great to see that these paintings will now have a new home. Thank you!"

Beverly Thomas

Donating Artist & Retired Art Educator

“As an artist, Art Connection–RI makes perfect sense; it is a helping hand! It provides me with a larger sense of the RI art community by introducing me to new artists, as well as to new patrons. It is broadening my exposure to different audiences. By being part of the AC-RI structure, I feel that my sense of being a working artist is encouraged and appreciated.”


Priscilla Cane

Donating Artist

“After receiving news that my painting was selected by Smith Hill CDC, I was delighted. You are doing great work at spreading Art to those who can't afford it. I am happy to be part of that effort.”

Marguerite Pile

Donating Artist

Top Drawer Art is an art studio and gallery for adults with developmental disabilities in Warren, RI, and through Art Connection-RI has donated 6 paintings by various artists to local nonprofit agencies. Part of our mission in supporting our clients is community integration, to help reverse societal norms of discrimination against people with developmental disabilities by demonstrating how they can contribute to their communities. As an agency, we’re often in the role of asking for donations from the community, so it’s been a fulfilling role reversal for us and our clients to be able to donate back to the community through art. The community in turn has shown great appreciation for the generosity of our artists, giving them awards and recognizing them for their contributions, and that has been an amazing experience for them. We’ve made great connections throughout the state, which has opened more opportunities for our clients’ work to be seen and for further exposure in the community, furthering our mission that much more.  We’ve been very lucky to have developed our relationship with AC-RI, and we hope to continue to keep that relationship strong in the future.”

Top Drawer Art at The Brass

Donating Art Organization

“I am pleased, honored and excited about this donation of my art to The Women’s Center of RI”

Mary Lou Conca

Donating Artist

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