Our Core Values

Power of Art

Making and experiencing art is an essential element of the human experience.  Regardless of socio-economic circumstances, AC-RI believes everyone has the right to experience art in their life.


Art in Public View

The nonprofit organizations we work with serve the public onsite where the art is enjoyed by their constituents, employees and volunteers.


Original works of art

The artwork that we receive is always original. Our preference is to receive and place the works of local artists but we gratefully accept donations from all generous donors.


Trusting Relationships

We develop relationships gradually and sensitively with the community organizations that apply for donations, starting with our initial contact and continuing through the selection and hanging of the art and beyond. Artists and collectors who donate their art can feel confident that their work is respected and well-cared for.


Nonjudgmental – Free Choice

We do not influence the selection of artwork by the receiving organization.  There is great value in the conversations that occur as organization employees and constituents discuss their preferences for the work, and come to agreement on their selections.


Participatory selection informed by Constituent Voice

We require a participatory process that includes a diversity of voices in the art selection. We believe that the people served in the agency should be part of that discussion and strongly encourage organizations receiving artwork to involve constituents in the selection process.


Diversity of Art and Artists

The visual artwork available for selection includes many genres. We seek to ensure that artists of all backgrounds are included in the pool of artwork available for selection. 



In seven years;

  • AC-RI has received over 1250 artworks to be donated to nonprofits

  • Nearly 100 artists are represented and 70 nonprofits have received work through our placement program

  • Over 1000 original artworks have been placed in nonprofits throughout the state


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